Hydraulic components and systems from Kawasaki Precision Machinery are used around the world in mobile machinery where high performance and reliability are critical. Mobile vehicles require power, efficiency and steady controlled load movements. Designed to operate under severe conditions, Kawasaki motors, pumps, valves and hydraulic control circuits are rigorously tested and documented before shipment. Mobile equipment operators everywhere depend upon the efficiency and reliability of Kawasaki Hydraulic Products.

Kawasaki’s K3V, K5V and K7V axial piston pumps are widely used on excavators and other larger construction machines. Kawasaki pumps have earned an excellent global reputation through their exceptional performance, great quality and reliability. Our spherical valve plate and cylinder block provide excellent balancing capability, assuring maximum efficiency regardless of pressure or flow rate.

The M5X Series swash plate type piston motor is equipped with a “shockless” relief valve for precise control. These motors are ideal for swing applications where upper body control is required, such as in large excavators, cranes and forestry machines.

The variable displacement M3B Series axial piston hydraulic motor comes in a wide variety of sizes, providing flexibility to meet applications from small to very large crawler cranes and other construction machines. The motor’s spherical valve plate assures good cavitation resistance and high starting efficiency.

The flexible MW Series multiple control valves provide stackable valve sections, configured in parallel, series or tandem circuits for precise control of a variety of hydraulic systems.

The K3VL Series pumps are based on the K3V design, where more than 2 million units have been supplied to the mobile industry. The K3VL Series pumps were specifically designed for the American and European markets, having SAE and ISO mounting, shaft porting, and through-drive configurations.

Widely used as a winch motor for construction machines such as truck cranes, the compact M3X Series hydraulic motor features a built-in mechanical brake to hold the load securely. Built-in relief and make-up valves allow easy installation directly on a gearbox.

PV48 Series joysticks and RCV Series foot control valves have become the industry standard in mobile applications. The PV48K features an aluminum body and dual area spool design, which results in light weight and reduced operating torque. The RCV Series is available with an internal damping option, which provides excellent stability.

Kawasaki M3X-RG Series low speed, high torque hydraulic motors are the right solution for applications requiring multiplied torque at lower speeds. A variety of motor sizes and gearboxes provide a wide range of geared high torque motors for heavy duty applications.

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