With 100 years of hydraulic experience, Kawasaki remains an industry leader with some of the most technically advanced designs on the market today. Kawasaki’s Hydraulic components are known around the world for providing the high reliability and controllability valued in today’s complex industrial environment. Highly advanced hydraulic control systems contribute to productivity improvements by achieving high- speed, precise control of industrial machinery. Superior technology, global acceptance, and proven reliability make Kawasaki Hydraulic Components a leading choice of machine builders for today’s innovative applications.

The K3VL Series pump is designed for medium to heavy-duty applications where high pressure and low output pulsation are critical. Various control options are available including load-sensing, electronic flow control, torque limiting and integral unloading control.

HMB, HMC & HPC Series Staffa radial piston high-torque low-speed motors offer consistent, controlled acceleration of loads and smooth, steady operation. Direct drives are a preferred solution to combination drives in injection molding machines and other industrial high torque applications. Engineered for long life under demanding loads, Staffa motors provide exceptional starting torque and mechanical efficiency.

In applications that demand rapid, precise control, the K3VG Series hydraulic pump has built-in electronic controls for outstanding controllability.

Electronic pump controls can be actuated by computer to provide integrated control systems for precision, high speed applications. The “ILIS” control module features integral sensors that measure swash plate angle for feedback control to the computer.

Industries that operate around the clock depend upon Kawasaki K3VG Series high efficiency axial piston pumps, which use the same internal components as K3V Series pumps, to ensure ultra-high reliability. In a steel rolling mill, K3VG pumps supply a continuous flow and steady pressure to cylinders that control the movement of the rollers.

Multiple M3X Series axial piston hydraulic motors provide the driving force to turn a giant boring machine efficiently. A special spherical surface type valve plate significantly improves the starting efficiency, enabling the motor to start the machine under full load.

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