From small cartridge valves that control a single function, to powerful hydraulic motors and pumps with complex multi-valve controls, Kawasaki Hydraulic Components and complete systems are utilized in marine applications around the world. Kawasaki provides supplemental packages for your motor and pump needs. Whether your motor requires a stable brake system or your pump needs a controlled and uniform valve package, Kawasaki’s engineered solutions cover a wide variety of marine applications. Since equipment designers demand well-documented performance and reliability when they choose hydraulic components, Kawasaki offers a wide selection of rigorously tested components to fulfill customer needs. With over 93 years of experience in hydraulic technology, Kawasaki is the first choice of industry leaders.

Staffa HMB, HMC & HCP Series radial piston high-torque, low-speed motors meet the needs of applications that demand fine control or have special control requirements. The motor’s modular design allows for a variety of valve attachments. It has multi-port surfaces which support several different control valves, such as counterbalance valves for braking pressure in winch drums.

Kawasaki steering gear mechanisms provide hydraulic rudder control to guide ocean-going vessels. To provide continuous operation without interruption, a complete back-up system with duplicated electric motors, reservoirs, and pumps are engineered to ensure reliable guidance, even if an individual unit fails.

For applications such as mooring winches, where reliability and high-torque are required, a Staffa high-torque, low-speed radial piston motor coupled with a ring gear offers a simple, economical solution. The motor’s hydrostatically balanced connecting rod and valve spool design minimizes internal metal to metal contact, reducing friction for high mechanical efficiency and long motor life. Staffa motors have demonstrated their reliability in over 55 years of successful operation worldwide.

Kawasaki high pressure, long life K3VL & K3VG Series hydraulic pumps provide high pressure (4600 & 5000 psi) and continuous driving capability required for applications such as derrick cranes and winches.

The M3X Series fixed displacement swash plate type axial piston motor has high starting efficiency due to its spherical valve plate design. Shaft creep is minimized because of stable retention of the cylinder, enabling the motor to hold a windlass drum steady, with minimal slip. M3B variable displacement axial piston motors are also widely used in marine winch applications to satisfy various torque and speed requirements.

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